Sunday, 5 February 2017

Delhi Sultanate Crashes Out Against Anatolian Turcoman

Not a Good Day to Invade Anatolia

It was our club AGM and I needed to throw together an army at short notice for a game.
I used my Delhi Sultanate list and ended up fighting against an Anatolian Turcoman MM2 list
This army has a lot of very tough troops that are difficult to kill but also lacks the usual killer troops found in most armies.
My opponent took loads of Irr LH S and Cv S plus Ax O and Ps O.

I invaded and there was a Strong Wind blowing in my face.
We fought long and hard and after about 5 hours I finally lost a command to his superior numbers.
Apart from hard flanking a couple of Ps O and getting my Irr Bw I into range which allowed me to take out a LH S and a pair of Ps O his army was almost invulnerable.
When he rolled a 1 I rolled a 1 yet sods law meant when ever I rolled high so did he!
I eventually managed to get my elephant into combat and killed a Cv S but two bounds later it was surrounded and swept away.
Eventually I just ran out of luck and the Bd F and Ps S were overwhelmed by superior numbers. we ran out of time and the game ended 7-3 which converted to 21-11 due to my much higher casualties.
Anatolian Turkoman is certain not an army I have ever seen used before and given its dreadful command structure certainly not an army I would have expected to have ever seen across the table. It was a refresher game for him having not played a game of DBM for a very long time. He had a few issues getting to grips with the DBMM2 lists and made a couple of writing errors in his list which I helped sort out before we started. 

In a strict time limited game I cant see it actually managing to achieve much as the two internal allies are a liability in case they turn out unreliable and unless the owning player throws caution to the wind and just charges forward as fast as possible its likely to end up delayed and delayed until the clock runs out.

A few pictures of todays game

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