Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Eastern Franks - Swabian & Bavarian Knights

A Long Delayed Project Finally Completed

Way back under DBM v1.1 I purchased a Norman Army for 1066 AD. One of the ideas was for it to morph into Eastern Franks. The last two years of Project Lead Mountain saw me clearing more figures from the unpainted pile at a ration of four to one. I have also been buying new figures but the amount of unpainted metal is now down to the state that its all bits and pieces with a few exceptions and none of it is of any use to allow me to morph an existing army into something new.

Having cast around for suitable mounted kite shielded knights armed with swords I settled on Donnington New Era Normans specifically their castings. I emailed Damian and asked him if he could make sure I got 24 of each casting and selected 24 each of the HH01, HH02 & HH03 mounts for variety. I am unsure if I will ever use 24 Irr Kn I Swabian Knights but they will double up as other Milites from this era so wont go to waste. I am very pleased with how they turned out. It took be about two months to do them all because I also had other things on the go at the same time and I hate painting huge batched of identical castings if I can avoid it. The mounts required some fine cleaning up of flash as did the riders. The figures came with separate kite shields which were a bit of a pain to glue on to the figures. This of course means that these casting are also perfectly suitable for other similarly armed knights from the Dark Ages by the simple expedient of using different shaped shields.The castings are full of detail and they paint up really well.

So now I have 24 elements of Irr Kn I in my collection which can double up for other knights if necessary.

Donningtons NMC11 Norman Knights on HH01, HH02 & HH03 horses

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