Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Baueda 15mm Medieval Tents Review

Baueda 15mm Medieval Tents

I spotted a bargain on EBay last week and whilst I knew better I bought them. I paid a total of £28-30 for 6 x 15MDV Nobles Tents, 1 x 1 x 15RNS Nobles Pavilion, 1 x LGS1 Ancient Supplies, 1 x LGS2 Generic Supplies & 1 x 15WFN Wattle Fence. The retail from Baueda for then all is €36-00 which converts to £30-47 plus delivery. So whilst I got a bargain I still ended up with so more items I dont know what to do with at the moment. I already have one of each of the LGS 1 & 2 packs meaning I now have four of them spare. I will be keeping the Wattle pack and will use it to create Temporary Fortifications for Dark Age and Early Feudal armies in due course.

I really like the Baueda range of baggage items [see ] and I had been thinking of replacing my current medieval baggage with new elements. I have just completed them and have put them in the baggage box in lieu of the older items I had. Whilst they are clean resincast items with minimal flash they take a steady hand to paint them well enough to avoid you ending up with a messy looking set of tents.

The replaced baggage elements are now on EBay as they are surplus to my needs and they will offset the cost of the new tents despite their being Baueda castings. [Pictures below]. I guess that sometimes I am just a bit too picky for my own good as theres nothing wrong with them really.
The EBay link is here:

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