Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Baueda Tents

Baueda Tents

Baueda makes lots of excellent resincast tents, buildings, accessories and now metal figures. I am a sucker for a nice piece of baggage and have far too many pieces already but I decided that I just needed a few more for variety! So I ordered four more to add to my own collection to enable me to create a set of six similar elements. I personally prefer immobile baggage elements so am happy to buy tents. I already had a pair of the Greek Tents so ordered two of the Ottoman and two of the Persian tents as the name on the bag is only a guide! see for their website.

Below are the finished items. I used a Linen colour and a Chestnut wash to give them a dirty look. Being resin they need a good wash using domestic washing up liquid to give the surface a clean finish so the undercoat takes proper hold. I finished them off using Plasticote Spray Matt Sealer which should give them a good protective coat for many years.

15GRK Greek Style Tents 

15OTM Ottoman Style Tents

15PRS Persian Style Tents

If I need more than six elements I can easily just use some of the other elements I have in my collection.


  1. available here if you fancy one:

  2. I have more than enough at the moment!