Sunday, 19 February 2017

15mm Stuff on EBay

Decided To Have A Bit Of A Clear Out On EBay!

With new things to paint in the pipeline and Project Lead Mountain reaching the stage where I have completed about 90% of the things I want to keep and the remainder left being things to sell I had a look through the storage boxes for things I no longer want to keep and have put a load of lots on EBay. Its all 15mm scale.

My EBay seller name is DYSON690

Heres a link to one of the lots

Currently I have the following lots on sale.

Baueda Medieval Tents
Essex Crossbowmen Psiloi x 10

Essex Early German Wb O x 8

15mm Wagon

15mm Wagon

Essex Bactrian/Sogdian Cavalry x 4

Renaissance Gunners

Wickerman 8EE Baggage/Camp Feature

Minifigs Later Byzantine Auxilia & Psiloi

8 Generic Baggage Elements

12 Elements of Feudal Archers

4 Elements of Unarmoured Mounted Archers

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