Sunday, 12 February 2017

Delhi Sultanate Crashes Out Against Medieval Vietnamese

Delhi Sultanate Crashes Out Against Medieval Vietnamese

One of the club mates wanted to try out his new "pseudo" Medieval Vietnamese army today. 

He threw together all and sundry to put the army on the table and if you didn't look too closely at least it was based correctly. I don't have any far eastern armies and since I am still gaining experience with my Later Muslim Indian army I said I would use this again. We used 400 AP and DBM v3.3 rules. We both were Ag 2 and I rolled 5 to Bob's 3 meaning I invaded. Since I have some naval elements I choose to dice for a Waterway, which I got. There was no weather effect. Upon reflection I should have waited until the third terrain phase rather than use the Waterway.

His army was organised as follows:
Command 1 - CinC Regular
16 E/16 EE/ 6 D [25% = 4 EE]
Command 2 Regular Sub-general
16 E/16 EE/ 6 D [25% = 4 EE]
Command 3 - Irr Sub-general
16 E/15.5 EE/ 5.5 D [25% = 4]
Command 4 - Irr Sub-general
16 E/15.5 EE/ 5.5 D [25% = 4]
Army Totals
64 E /63 EE/31.5 B

To break the army I only needed to break two commands and an odd element but it wasn't to be. Despite a series of poor combat throws I eventually managed to take down 13 EE from his army but they were spread over all four commands. I had a bad run of combat dice which lost me the right flank command and a double overlapped Irr Bw I died the next bound to break the second command and with it the whole army. The final score was 10 - 0 to Bob which converted to 30 - 2 BHGS.

I wasn't too upset to lose as I need to gain more skill coordinating this army.  I did feel a bit annoyed that I had two 1's on the trot with my Cav S against his Reg Bw I which was what broke my command as I only needed to equal his score to take out the archers and with it that command. 

But you cant win them all! We played for a total of 4 hours 30 minutes until we got a final result.

I think his list wasn't best organised due to the lack of any cavalry and four equal sized commands but we each play our own game style. 

My army sits in the box ready and waiting for the next game.

Here are a series of pictures taken through the game.

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