Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Generic 9th - 10th Century Feudal Auxilia

Reimagining Some Old Minifigs Byzantine Javelinmen

I had 24 15mm scale Minifigs Z206 Byzantine Javelinmen in Project Lead Mountain. After some research I finally worked out that the castings were specifically made with the intention of using them as part of the Nikephorian and Konstantinian Byzantine Armies from 963 AD to 1071 AD. I painted them up as a mix of Reg Ax O and Reg Ps S as this is what is they are shown as being classed as in the DBMM army lists and put them on EBay. I made up two different units for them which means I can easily identify which commands they belong to on the tabletop. After listing them for over three months on EBay they had not sold so I decided to rebase them as Irr Ax O and use them as Generic Early Feudal Auxilia.

The castings are still quite well sculpted despite being at least 20 years old. They will do for any Southern European army from around 900 AD through to at least 1100 AD because there are no distinctive markings or uniform style that marks them out as being specifically Byzantine. For players that are not too fussy they will easily fit into other armies within Europe equipped in a similar way.

I might end up trying to sell them on EBay but for now they will sit in my Feudal infantry storage case along with lots of other foot from the same era.  

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