Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Penultimate Installment For The Sargonid Army

Some of the last of the Missing Sargonid Infantry

The Sargonid Army is a bit of a Heinz with lots of different types of compulsory troops and these coming in strictly tiered units according to their status within the army.

The DBMM army list changes the troops that were formerly called Line Infantry in the DBM army list into Long Shield Spearmen and their supporting Reg Ps O become Reg Bw O instead.

This means I needed to create six elements of Reg Bw O to ensure that I had sufficient troops made up to use this list option. I used Museum Miniatures AS19 castings from their Assyrian range. The figures were very cleanly cast with minimal flash. They were quite easy to paint up as there was minimal hidden areas that were otherwise difficult to get to with a paintbrush.

I was very pleased with the end result for these 24 castings rated as Reg Bw O.

The Reserves of the Battle Array are classed as Spearmen, Auxilia or Psiloi depending on which army list version you decide to use. I was missing the Auxilia elements to make up this contingent so I had a look through the unpainted metal to see what I had. I ended up using Lancashire Games AB27 Auxiliary Spearmen from their Neo-Assyrian range. Whilst labelled as Spearmen the pose is more suited for use as Light Infantry due to the minimal armour they were wearing and the round wicker shield they are carrying. 

With these two contingents done I am now left with the final twenty-four archers still to paint up with will make the final contingent of 12 elements of Reg Ps O. I am using Museum Miniatures AS04 castings for these which have a different pose to the AS19 casting. They are currently on my painting table and I am hoping they might be finished by the weekend and on my blog. I still have a lot of left over figures in the box because I ended up buying too many in my keenness to finish the army quickly. This may allow me to morph the army into another Assyrian list in due course but that idea is way down the line. Of course they might just end up on EBay?

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