Saturday, 14 October 2017

Last Four Sargonid Baggage Elements

Because Every Army Needs Some Baggage

I have already blogged about the previous four baggage elements. After some careful thought and a helpful suggestion on Facebook I managed to come up with the last four baggage elements I need for my Sargonid army. Theres two generic catering type elements using bits from the spares box along with special purchases. A loaded baggage train of military supplies bought off EBay unpainted for next to nothing and finally the Shrine of Ashur. Its a portable shrine consisting of two bronze coloured oxen supporting a bronze statue of Ashur on a plinth on their backs. With this blog entry I now have only another 80 infantry left to paint and the army is complete.


  1. I love your baggage, excellent job!

  2. Very nice, one thing our current ancients rules lack is baggage. It was always a chance to inject a little nuance or humour into an army.