Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Wallachia - Under Vlad the Impaler 8

Wallachian Army Part 8 - The Last of the Light Cavalry

I had completed most of the Wallachian Army with my previous blog on them and I had sufficient figures painted to to take the army to Iceni DBM Doubles Tournament. I had only completed 18 Irr LH S elements out of the 24 required for the army list and had put them to one side whilst I worked on the Assyrians because there was no hurry to get them completed.

I had a large selection of mounted castings in the army already and I purchased twelve Donningtons MOLC05 Lesser Boyar/Viteji Cavalry on a mix of OH02 and OH03 horses. They are part of their Roumanians Range and of course fit in perfectly with most of the rest of the Wallachian army I have already painted. The figures are well sculpted and were fairly clear of flash apart from underneath their feet and the bases of the horses which are the main flow points for casting. With these last six elements of Irr LH S I can honestly say that this army is now finished.

Here are some pictures of the six elements.

I have recently found a couple of models of Bran Castle online which I am tempted to buy to represent as a BUA in my games. The nicest model costs €40 so would be an expensive purchase. So I am currently thinking about it. As mentioned in my first blog entry on the Wallachians I had paid £58 for the original EBay purchase which included the Warhammer Ancients Battles book on Vlad the Impaler. I finally sold the book this month for £25 which in effect has reduced my original outlay to £33 so I am quite pleased.


  1. Interesting choice of army and a perfect historical opponent for your Hungarians!

  2. and yours, Tim's and Peter's armies!