Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Last of the Sargonid Mounted Arm Completed.

Final instalment for the Sargonid Mounted Contingent

As I mentioned in my previous blog entry on the Sargonid army I still had a few elements left to finish to ensure that I had all of the potential options.

First up are the Arab Levies - camel mounted troops. There's only two elements of these but they come in two options, Irr Cm O or Irr LH I. The annoying thing is they are cut from the DBMM version of the army list. All of the elements are Magister Militum Arab Camels castings code ASS21 from their Assyrian Sargonid range.

I painted the camels without the crews on them, painted the riders separately and then glued them together. I found this much quicker than trying to paint into areas I could see but not fit a brush into.

Next up is the Gimmiryra, Cimmerian Regiment of two Irr LH F elements. I had purchased a dirt cheap batch of six Irr LH F Scythian elements off EBay earlier this year, only twelve castings which would need retouching and rebasing. I then realised I had another twelve unpainted castings to match. Before anyone comments these are in fact very old Minifigs ZC107 Sakae Cavalry Horse Archer castings on their first generation horses. I would not normally use them but I hate waste and to be honest they don't look too bad once retouched on their new bases. I also had four elements of Scythian cavalry which I had been given along with the big batch of Assyrian infantry so my mind went into research mode and I worked out I had enough castings to make a ten element Scythian allied command. So after cleaning up the old castings, making sure they were retouched and placed on new bases I match painted were possible to create some more useful elements. The Sargonid list elements were given blue coloured horse head crests to ensure I didn't mix them up on the table during a game. The allied contingent all have purple horse head tufts.

As part of my figure review I saw that I had six painted Scythian cavalrymen as part of the original donation from my friend. I had left them to one side as I didn't need them but upon reflection if I ever used these as an allied contingent there are some options where the General and their Noble escorts require me to take them as either Irr Cv O, Irr Cv S or Irr Kn F. Whilst the painted figures were very old and needed retouching once this was done and they were put on new bases to match the rest of the Scythians they look just fine. So this is an additional change to my original post for the 29th December 2017. I have no idea of the maker and I had to repair two of the figures with new lances.

Generals element on the right

Lastly I was missing two more Assyrian cavalry elements from the sixteen that the list is allowed and since I had sufficient spare castings left over I just needed to paint these up to complete the mounted arm for the Sargonid army. I am unsure of the make of the castings.

Just three batches of infantry left to do now totalling 80 figures plus the last three baggage elements.