Monday, 4 February 2019

Painting Commission for Later Hoplite Greeks

Athenian Horse Archers 15mm Commission

I was asked if I had any suggestions on what to use for Athenian Horse Archers in the Later Hoplite Greek list by someone at my wargames club. I must confess I didn't have a clue so Googled them and found a discussion paper which confirmed that they were hired in mercenaries and one of the options were the Getic tribes.  I vaguely recalled that Essex Miniatures made a Getic Horse Archer in their Macedonian and Punic Wars Range - Code MPA33 Later Hoplite Greek: Getic Horse Archer.

As strange as this may sound as part of a purchase of unpainted metal some years ago I had four of these castings in Project Lead Mountain and since I had no use for them they had remained in a bag waiting for disposal in due course. So after pointing out the the reference and that it could have been Getic, Scythians or Thracians I was asked to paint up my four castings in a suitable Athenian garb for him.

Being Essex Miniatures they were in their usual house style and came with a single pose. There were fairly cleanly cast with minimal flash except between the hind legs.

Being a small commission I started them yesterday evening and finished them earlier today. I am glad I have got rid of another small bag of otherwise useless castings from PLM and it has solved a problem for my friend too. They are painted in a similar style with minor trim differences to match in with his existing collection. As is normal they are not based so he can base them himself to match his collection. Now I need to think about what's next in the queue of things to paint or base as part of Project Lead Mountain.

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