Tuesday, 13 August 2019

When You Must Have More Superior Quality Knights

Some Reg Kn [S] From Project Lead Mountain

As part of the ongoing saga to clear my unpainted 15 mm lead I found a loose bag of eight Minifigs High Medieval Knights code 57XC French Chevauleger from their Renaissance Early/Mid 17th C Range I also had a bag of eight Minifigs fully armoured horses. I cannot ID the mount code and have no idea if the riders and mounts were originally sold together as I often mix and match up castings when I want to create special elements. Luckily I also had a spare Essex Miniatures Noble on a fully armoured horse, most likely code MID69. This allowed me to create three elements of Superior knights. They are certainly suitable for the later half of the 15th Century, from 1475 AD onwards and will go into my army box to grace the table one day. 

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