Thursday, 20 July 2017

Attack 2017 Devizes

DBM 500 AP Doubles at Attack 2017

I came 7th out of 12 entries

I used the Welsh List Book 3 No 19 DBMM v2 Army List
C1 29 E/26.5 EE/9 D [25% = 7 EE] CinC
C2 29 E/26.5 EE/9 D [25% = 7 EE] Sub
C3 22 E/20 EE/7 D [25% = 5 EE] Ally
C4 22 E/20 EE/7 D [25% = 5 EE] Ally
Army 102 E/93 EE/46.5 B

Game 1 v Welsh [Jer and Richard] 5-5 draw [they came 3rd] A long hard fought game where my South Welsh with two South Welsh internal allies and lots of Ostmen fought another South Welsh army with Manx Viking ally. – some confusion over the march move rule that persisted through all four of my games meant we ended up in a solid slogging match.
C1 27 E/25 EE/8.5 D [25% = 6.5 EE] CinC
C2 34 E/30.5 EE/10.5 D [25% = 8 EE] Sub
C3 20 E/16 EE/ 5.5 D [25% = 4 EE] Ally
C4 19 E/18.5 EE/6.5 D [25% = 5 EE] Sub
Army 100 E/95 EE/47.5 B

Game 2 v Ottomans [Dave Madigan] 5-5 Draw [he came 2nd]. Another 5-5 draw where neither side could gain any advantage. The Irr Bw S Welsh archers of the MM2 list supported by the Ostmen meant that if neither side could get the perfect match up. One of my internal allies was unreliable and just sat there watching the Ottomans which decided to sit out of range of their front whilst they tried to take apart my wings. Dave tried a flank march which never arrived until it was far too late to influence the game.
C1 24 E/21 EE/7 D [25% = 5.5 EE] CinC
C2 20 E/18.5 EE/6.5 D [25% = 5 EE] Sub
C3 21 E/18.5 EE/6.5 D [25% = 5 EE] Sub
C4 7 E/7 EE/3 D [25% = 3 EE] Ally
Army 72 E/65 Ee/32.5 B

Game 3 v Burgundians [Derek & Stuart] 4-6 loss [they came 9th] the confusion over how the march move rule worked meant my flank command of infantry was delayed by three Reg LH I when they should have been quickly pushed back to the table edge then eventually fled off. This allowed the Burgundians to close into my other large flank command and eventually break it. I tried a flank march which failed to arrive. I eventually rolled a 6 with this command 4 rolls after the game had finished!
C1 19 E/18.5 EE/6.5 D [25% = 5 EE] CinC
C2 19 E/18.5 EE/6.5 D [25% = 5 EE] Sub
C3 19 E/18.5 EE/6.5 D [25% = 5 EE] Sub
C4 10 E/10 EE/4 D [25% = 2.5 EE] Ally
Army 67 E/65.5 EE/33 B

Game 4 v Anglo-Norman [John and Andy] 4-6 loss [they came 5th]. This was their second game against the Welsh. They flank marched with William of Ypres’s command [C4] which took ages to arrive. I anticipated a flank march and deployed accordingly I only ended up having four elements fled from that table edge and these ended up in positioned where I wanted them to flee to. His dismounted knights being Irr Bd S were virtually impossible to kill and the game developed into a slogging match. When time was called I had lost my C2 command with little damage done to their commands.
C1 26 E/24 EE/8 D [25% = 6 EE] CinC
C2 26 E 24 EE/8 D [25% = 6 EE] Sub
C3 26 E/22 EE/7.5 D [25% = 5.5 EE] Sub
C4 16 E/16 EE/6 D [25% = 4 EE] Sub
Army 84 E/86 EE/43 B

Each round was a hard fought game because the MM2 list has made the Welsh very hard to beat frontally. I realised that given the standard of players on the tournament circuit we normally get that it’s an army that will be hard to win with unless you get lucky with the right enemy army in the draw and that its difficult to also beat by most enemies. I am pleased that I held the 2nd and 3rd placed players to a draw as this would not have happened four years ago.

I gather that due to there being two similar South Welsh armies in the tournament the five other teams that ended up playing against the Welsh didn’t appreciate the experience too much. [One team ended up playing against both Welsh armies!]

Some pictures from during the weekend.
During Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Unfortunately I was so engrossed in my last game I forgot to take any pictures.

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