Friday, 21 July 2017

Little Ancient Greek Painting Commission

A Surprise Commission From A Clubmate

After Attack last weekend my clubmate who also attended complained that he had lost two Greek Ps elements to damage and wanted to replace them. I had a quick look through my spares box for Book 2 figures and found 10 Naismith Greek Javelinmen. I had intended to paint them to sell on EBay one day but other items from Project Lead Mountain are in front of the queue. I completed my Early Polish army on Monday so after talking to him about what he wanted them to look like we agreed a price and I painted them up over Tuesday and Wednesday. I don't mind small commissions like this as they help friends out and clear out things I know I will never use. Naismith used to be owned by Navwar but were sold on in 2015. The Roundway website is a bit better than the Navwar one which is just a web presence to show the company exists and doesn't even have a on line purchase facility. The figures are true 15mm scale but given that these are light infantry they would not be huge warriors but much more nimble types anyway.

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