Monday, 3 July 2017

Early and Later Polish - Part 7

Feudal and Medieval Polish - Part 7

Project Lead Mountain - Polish Style

Minifigs Riders ZC366, ZC322 & ZC??? on Donningtons HH01, HH02 & HH03 Horses
With the Early Polish army painting project drawing to a close here is the last batch of 12 elements of Noble Cavalry Irr Kn O in DBx terms. Part 6 of the army blog showed the earlier Nobles before they adopted Western panoply. I had three different castings none of which would have looked right if used to make the Nobles elements on their own. They are Minifigs castings and as is normal for me if I don't like the mounts I will swap them for something better. This meant that I went to the supply of Donnington HH01-03 mounts I have in my box of horses. The Minifigs horses went straight into the spares box. I am thinking about how best to use these redundant horses and I might end up painting them to represent generic horses for mounted infantry or dismounted knights.

I can only ID two of the riders ZC322 Polish Knight, Winged Helm with Lance. ZC366 Mounted Sergeants and a third casting whose Minifigs code I cant ID. This was unshielded so I also added a shield to the casting to make it better match the other two figures. The feather crested knight is supposed to represent the Noble with his retinue either side. The Nobles shields are decorated with water slide transfers I created whilst the retinue have hand painted shields. Each Noble has the Royal Crest of Poland on their shield but the retinue each have a unique historic Herb Family Crest.

With these twelve elements completed I can new deploy this army though it is still missing three elements of Russian 13th Cavalry and the four elements of generals needed to command this style of knights. I also have another 160 Spearmen to paint in a later style of armour for this list.

From start to finish it took me nine days to do these which considering the detail is quite fast for me. I still have a large box of figures for the Later Polish army to work through and some other spare figures which will be used to boost my Lithuanian ally contingent or even become the basis for that army. Before I do that I will also need to complete my Wallachians which are partially finished.

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