Thursday, 6 July 2017

Early and Later Polish - Part 8

Feudal and Medieval Polish - Part 8

When One General Isn't Enough

As the current part of Project Lead Mountain draws to a close I am nearly at the stage that the Early Polish army is now complete. The army list runs from 960 AD to 1365 AD. This large time span means that you cannot legitimately use the same figures to represent all the elements in the army as around 1200 AD its look starts to change fundamentally.

I have completed the early part of the army and am now completing the last part of the mounted arm for the later part of the list. I spent today doing some research on what 13th C Russian cavalry should look like and I started the last three elements of 13th C Russian Cavalry Irr Cv O today but with the advent of 31 C of heat it meant that painting became a bit of a trial. I did manage to complete the four elements of Irr Kn S that represent the armies generals after 1242 AD. I still have 40 elements of Irr Sp I to paint for the later part of the list after 1200 AD because of the fundamental change in shield design and clothing styles around this time.

I am very happy with how the generals elements have turned out. The waterslide Polish Eagle transfers on the generals shields work perfectly.  I have also created paper flags for the standard bearers which set off the command stands and will make them stand out on the tabletop when mixed in with other Polish Nobles elements.They are a mix of mostly Essex Miniatures with a couple of unknown rider castings thrown in because they were a perfect match. I carved off the cast flags on the two end standard bearers and replaced all of the flagpoles with thin metal spears after drilling out the hands. It only took me three days to complete the twelve castings which is quick even for me.

Polish CinC Irr Kn S [King] and escort 

Polish Sub-General Irr Kn S

Polish internal Ally-General Irr Kn S

Polish internal Ally-General Irr Kn S


  1. Look good Drew. 40 elements of Sp (I) - your braver than I am!

  2. Richard, this is the second batch of 40 Irr Sp I for this army. I have already blogged the first batch of 40 elements

  3. Nice job of drilling the hands, and they are looking good. The only thing that grates (for me) is seeing the white edges on the flags.

    I also wondered if you had ever tried a different basing colour to help bring out the figures? I swapped from a darker to a much lighter base colour, and thought it made a really noticeable difference.

  4. Yeah but what you gonna do? The basing colour is pre-mixed Vallejo so I am not going to change it now as I used to spend aged mixing the uncoloured Sandy Paste and no two batches looked the same! I dont actually like bases that detract from the figures in anyway and prefer if the bases sort of vanish into the tabletop. The paper flags are always a problem with white edges. I should really try and colour the edges in but I always forget to do them :-)