Saturday, 29 July 2017

Painting Commission for a Club Mate

Surprise Painting Commission

On Thursday I got an email asking if I had some figures in Project Lead Mountain that would be suitable for a Late Antiquities period army. I wont expand on the particular army as the project is currently ongoing. I didnt have any of the first type he wanted available but I had a couple of bags of slingers which once painted will be perfect for this project. A quick photo was taken of the unpainted metal just to confirm that they were acceptable, a price agreed and a timescale set. I purchased the figures many years ago so I have no idea of the maker or figure codes.

I am currently working on some Wallachian infantry at the moment and in the down time on Thursday evening between painting those I prepped the slingers, put them on their painting batons and undercoated them ready to go in the painting queue. As often happens with small commissions its easier to get them out of the way quickly rather than end up facing a deadline for them to be completed. So I spent some of yesterday painting the figures and finally hand varnished them this morning so they are finished and ready for delivery next time I see him.

Heres some pictures taken of the completed figures still on their painting batons.

So when you think you have finished a commission I get an email saying. Can I have the other ten painted up now as I realised I want some more figures. So I spent the last couple of days quickly getting these done so I can deliver them on Sunday at the club. Plus I hate having things in the queue to be done when its taking up space.

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