Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Early and Later Polish - Part 9

Feudal and Medieval Polish - Part 9

The last part of the Early Polish army is now complete.

When I blogged part 1 back in April 2017 I didnt think I would have managed to get so far so quickly. I decided that I would only build two Early Polish armies rather than three because I reasoned that the changeover from 10th C cavalry to very Early 13th C Fast Knights would not have been overnight so the figures would do for both options. The changeover in the DBx list in 1242 AD to Ordinary Knights seems the most logical time to change figures sculpts.

Having completed all of the Polish mounted troops left me with just three elements of Irr Cv O Russian Cavalry. I had some Minifigs ZC326 castings for these so these were the last mounted troops left to complete the army. I discarded the Minifigs horses and replaced them with a mixture of Donningtons HH01-03 mounts and put the Minifigs into the spare mounts box.

Russian 13th C Cavalry

This left me with the optional dismounted generals elements. Normally Polish generals didn't fight dismounted but there comes a time is some games where this is allowed and therefore an option. This meant I needed to create some elements for this army from scratch using what ever suitable figures I had to hand. The 9th C generals are a mix of Minifigs and Irregular castings whilst the 13th C generals are a mix of Essex Castings with left over Legio Heroica Muslim Spearmen as standard bearers.

Polish 9th C Dismounted Generals

Polish 13th C Dismounted Generals

I still have 160 13th C Polish Spearmen to paint up to give me the final part of the army but for now the other Spearmen will fill in until they are done.

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  1. Beautiful figures, I especially like the splendid and fierce looking dismounted generals...