Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Hussite Infantry - Part 3

Note Strictly Hussite Infantry - Warwagons

As part of my ongoing scan of EBay a while back I spotted a lot consisting of four Falcon Figures Hussite Warwagons. Falcon Figures are virtually unobtainable in the UK after the range was sold to an American many years ago and their reputation for supplying orders is to put it politely "very poor" so I took a punt on them and got them for what I considered a bargain price. The warwagons came in two codes, ELM21 Warwagon with 4 Oxen & 4 crew and ELM 23 Warwagon with four Oxen & 4 crew, light artillery. ELM21 actually has 5 crew not 4.

Given the age of the castings I was very surprised how nice they were. The design is a bit suspect because the side door could not be opened as the wheels would be in the way. Also the oxen were 20mm tall so more akin to Auroch than any sort of normal oxen for this era, [More of this later].

I decided that given the poor scale of the oxen I would replace them with 15mm Irregular limber teams from my spares box. Other than that the castings were cleaned up, assembled and painted right out of the bags. They are mounted on magnetised plastic sheeting, covered with Vallejo Earth Brown paste edged with Raw Umber paint, finished off with some gravel, grass tufts and flowers from Micks Bits.

I have another 4 Irregular and 1 Essex warwagon still to complete and in theory if I am not too choosy I could field all 22 warwagons as per the Hussite list. It's not an army I have any desire to collect and as soon as the last five warwagons are completed I shall have to decide what if any I intend to keep because I need some to use with my Lithuanian army. Though I can use my Hungarian or Polish warwagons at a push. I also have the four generic Hungarian warwagons that I blogged about in this post that are spare.

Falcon Figures ELM23

Falcon Figures ELM21

The giant Falcon Oxen

Placed in front of an Irregular Warwagon

In front of the Falcon Warwagon with the Irregular limber team


  1. They came out fine! Why not collect and run the Hussite army? I find the Hussite rebellion fascinating militarily, socially, and religiously. A Hussite game is typically essentially an assault on a prepared position, but that can be pretty tense in the "Alamo" sense; if the enemy can break into the wagon lager, it can all go South for the Hussites pretty quickly!